• ITW GSE GROUP UK is the new name for Houchin Aerospace. This change is part of a major reorganisation within the ITW GSE group of companies.
  • In addition to Houchin Ground Power Units which have been designed and manufactured in our UK facility for over 50 years, we also now offer the Hobart diesel driven GPUs.. This has strengthened our position as the leading supplier of diesel driven ground support equipment and enhanced our unrivalled level of support to our customers around the world.
  • Our customer base includes airlines, aircraft manufacturers, airports, ground handling companies, lease companies, government and military organisations.
  • ITW GSE for when quality, reliability and product support matter.
  • More than 50 units sold in the Greek Market.




  • Since becoming the first domestic manufacturer of Aircraft Ground Power equipment in 1946, Hobart has continually developed new products to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Aerospace industry.
  • With Hobart, you get more than advanced, reliable equipment – you get a complete resource for 400 Hz and 28.5 VDC systems.
  • Our ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer status, along with UL and CE Certification assures our customers of the highest quality product.


Houchin 4400 90kva

Hobart 4400 90 kva

Hobart 140-180 kva

Hobart 400 & 600 28vdc solid state converter