Our Company, through its vast network is able to supply our customers with the following solutions

  • Used gse for sale
  • Fully refurbished gse
  • Rental of used gse
  • Leasing agreements of new gse
  • large stock of aircraft spairs


  • 2nd Hand equipment for sale
Based on your needs and budget, we are able to advise and offer the suitable used equipment accordingly. When searching for used equipment, it is not always easy to find quality. This is where we come in, ensuring that what we provide is well maintained, attractive in price and value for your money.
List of used Gse we can supply depending on availability :
  • Push back tractors
  • Ramp Buses
  • baggage tractors
  • stairs
  • loaders
  • belt loaders
  • ambulifts
  • air-conditionings
  • air-starters
  • heaters
  • deicers
  • aircraft refueling trucks
  • dollies
  • GPU’s
  • tow-bars
  • axle jacks
  • maintenance stands
  • air-craft spares
  • many more
 Gse Rentals 
Why not rent instead of purchasing new or used equipment! Not all gse handlers have heavy work all year round therefore the idea of renting equipment seasonally may be a good idea to cover your short-term requirements with well maintained gse.
All equipment are technically inspected and maintained prior shipment to customers’ base.
Notice: Rental of equipment must be planned ahead as to ensure availability.


Leasing agreements
Through our partner companies, leasing plans can be arranged in order to facilitate your needs at a time when cash flow is low and the need for new investment is imperative in order to perform your handling services as expected.
Our leasing plans for gse do not cover a limited brand of manufacturers as we are aware that each client has his own preferences. Therefore we are flexible in providing you with the equipment of your choice.

Refurbishment projects

Our partner companies do not only supply with new equipment but also undertake refurbishment projects. As some clients do not require certain equipment anymore, they are sold back and refurbished. Depending on new clients needs and budgets, we can offer package deals. Clients are assured that the refurbished equipment come with a company stamp and warranty. Instead of purchasing a brand new product, why not invest in a fully refurbished one at half the price.